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  SONIC Hearing Aids Selling Price List 2019

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Digital Hearing Aids

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Model Codes: B.W.=Body Worn/ Pocket Hearing Aid || B.T.E = Behind The Ear Hearing Aid || C.I.C.= Completely In Canal Hearing Aid || I.T.C = In The Canal Hearing Aid || I.I.C. = Invisible In Canal Hearing Aid || R.I.C.= Receiver In Canal Hearing Aid

Images Model No. Style Technology Pro/Nonpro Mrp Rs. Discount Price(After Discount)
Natura 2SE B.T.E. Digital Programmable 14900 0% 14900
PEP 20 (Standard/Open Fit) B.T.E. Digital Programmable 19900 0% 19900
Pep 20 Power BTE B.T.E. Digital Programmable 24900 0% 24900
Charm Invisible hearing aid I.I.C. Digital Programmable 64900 0% 64900


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