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Images Brand Model No. Style Technology Mrp Rs. Discount Price(After Discount)
Phonak Audio M30-R [New] Rechargeable Digital 48000 0% 48000
Starkey MuseiQ R i1600 RICt Rechargeable Digital 59990 0% 59990
Starkey MuseiQ R i1600 RICt AP Rechargeable Digital 59990 0% 59990
Phonak Audio B-50 -R RIC Rechargeable Digital 62000 0% 62000
Phonak Audio M50-R [New] Rechargeable Digital 70000 0% 70000
Phonak Bolero B-50-PR Rechargeable BTE Rechargeable Digital 75000 0% 75000
Siemens RIC Pure 3px [Twin Mic] Rechargeable Digital 75990 0% 75990
Starkey livio 1200 R [New] Rechargeable Digital 105000 0% 105000
Phonak Bolero B-70-PR Rechargeable BTE Rechargeable Digital 130000 0% 130000
Siemens Pure Charge & Go 3Nx Rechargeable Digital 134990 0% 134990
Siemens RIC Pure 5px [Twin Mic] Rechargeable Digital 154990 0% 154990
Phonak Audeo M70-R Rechargeable Digital 170000 0% 170000
Starkey livio 1600 RIC-R Rechargeable Digital 175000 0% 175000
Siemens Pure Charge & Go 5Nx Rechargeable Digital 189990 0% 189990
Siemens RIC Pure 7px [Twin Mic] Rechargeable Digital 249990 0% 249990
Siemens Pure Charge & Go 7Nx Rechargeable Digital 299990 0% 299990
Siemens Styletto3 SLIM RIC For Both Ears Rechargeable Digital 300990 0% 300990
Phonak Audeo M90-R [New] Rechargeable Digital 335000 0% 335000
Siemens Styletto 5 SLIM RIC for Both Ears Rechargeable Digital 416990 0% 416990
Starkey livio AI RIC R [New] Rechargeable Digital 430000 0% 430000
Siemens Styletto 7 SLIM RIC for Both Ears Rechargeable Digital 647990 0% 647990


N:B: Typographical error should not be taken into account. Reflected prices are subject to change at any time. Validity of prices woluld be considered as per original price list of the manufacturers at purchase time. These data  provided only for general purpose information for the purchaser. Updated as on Price Lists. All hearing aid pictures courtesy from Original Manufacturers original may vary.


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