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Z series RIC AP [New]

Category :
Receiver In Canal - RIC
Hearing Fitting Coverage :
Moderate to Severe

Z series i20 RIC-AP 100% wireless with 900 SYNC technology receiver in ear canal type digital hearing aid by Starkey. Fitting range upto 110 dBHL. 4 Channel and 4 band. Features: BluWave 4.0 with Auto Experience Manager. ISO-C. Acuity Directionality with speech id. MEMS Microphone. New microphone cover. Model specific Multiflex Tinnitus.Stream Boost. Spatial Steaming. Binaural Telephone Mode. Improved PureWave Feedback Eliminator. Spectral iQ. Swap Fit. Sound Point. Self Learning. Voice Indicators. Rocker Switch. Hydrashield2(water resistant). Multi Memories. Acoustic Scene Analyzer. 4+1 stream boost program. Synchronized User Control. As per price list 1st june 2019.

Brand Channel Technology Warranty
Starkey 4 Digital Wireless Programmable 2 Yrs.
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