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Behind The Ear - BTE
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Oticon 3000 Super Power BTE IS 8 channel 8 band hearing aid by Oticon. Fully digital programmable behind the ear hearing aid. Fitting Range upto 120dBHL. Battery Size 675. Rocker volume control. Features:Fitting bandwidth , Open ear acoustics. Corda2 Thin Tube & Hook Versions. Nano coated BTE. Directionality: Surround, split dir & full dir(manual). Noise management modulation. Dynamic feedback cancellation DFC2. 4 user programs. Telecoil, DAI & FM options, 8 fitting bands. Adaption manager (manual), In-situ Audiometry. As per price list 2019.

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Oticon - Digital Hearing Aid 8 Digital Computerized Programmable 2 Yrs.
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