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Audeo B70-10 RIC

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Receiver In Canal - RIC
Hearing Fitting Coverage :

Audeo B70-10 RIC fully digital programmable Essential Class hearing aid by Phonak. Fitting range upto 100dBHL. Suitable for Mild to Moderately Severe hearing loss.Battery size 10. 16 Channels with 5 manual programs, 4 auto programs and 4 streaming programs..Gain range 65dBHL.. AutoSense OS Essential, SoundRecover2, Ultrazoom Essential, NoiseBlockEssential, WhistleBlock, auto Acclimatization, Tinnitus Balance noisegenerator, Fully Wireless, BroadbandBooster, IP57 standard. Remote compatibility, Bluetooth & TV Link II compatible. It could be used with Phonak CROS II accessories. As per price list January 2022.

Brand Channel Technology Warranty
Phonak - Digital Hearing Aid 16 Digital Wireless Programmable 2 Yrs.
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