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Sky B90-M BTE

Category :
Behind The Ear - BTE
Hearing Fitting Coverage :
Mild to Severe

Sky B90 M is a Behind The Ear type fully digital programmable Essential Class hearing aid by Phonak. Fitting range upto 90dBHL. Suitable for Mild to Severe hearing loss. . 20 Channels with 5 manual programs, 7 auto programs and 4 streaming programs .Gain range 68dBHL.. Auto Sense OS Essential, SoundRecover2, Ultrazoom Essential, Noise Block Essential, Whistle Block, auto Acclimatization, Tinnitus Balance noise generator, Fully Wireless, Broad band Booster, IP68 standard. Remote compatibility, Com Pilot II / Air II & TV Link compatible. It could be used with Phonak CROS -B accessories.

Brand Channel Technology Warranty
Phonak - Digital Hearing Aid 20 Digital Wireless Programmable 2 Yrs.
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