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Behind The Ear - BTE
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Oticon Ria 2 Pro Power D BTE is Behind the ear by Oticon built on the new Inium platform and is our best performing hearing solution in the essential category. It has 16 channels & 6 bands. Fitting Range upto 100dB. Battery size 13. The audiology in Ria Pro provides its users essential listening performance in several situations and allows to factoring in listening preferences and needs of each client. The Ria Pro family styles range from new RIC custom instruments for users looking for ultimate discretion for Moderate hearing losses. Ria Pro can be fitted to users with mild to moderate hearing losses. Family Features.YouMatic Essential. Binaural Synchronisation .Binaural PB Coordination. Fitting Bandwidth 8 kHz.Inium feedback shield. Free Focus Essential.Artificial Intelligence Essential.Memory.Auto telephone. AutoPhone Program.Modulation Based. Singleband Directionality.NAL-NL1, NAL-NL2. Flexible miniFit receiver system.ConnectLine enabled. DAI input and FM option.In-situ audiometry (Genie).//Wireless CIC hearing aid. As per price list 1st July 2020.

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Oticon - Digital Hearing Aid 16 Digital Wireless Programmable 2 Yrs.
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