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Pure Charge & Go 2Nx RIC

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Pure Charge & Go 2Nx RIC is Receiver in The Ear Li-on Rechargeable Digital Computerized Programmable Hearing Aid manufactured by Signia Siemens. Pure Charge & Go 2Nx RIC has 16 Channel . Fitting Range upto 115 dB. MPO (dBSPL) upto 130. Other features includes :UltraHD e2e , Direct Streaming , eWindScreen, Feedback Cancellation , Telecare, Automatic & Adaptive Directionality,Extended Dynamic Range, Speech and Noise Management, Tinnitus Noiser, IP68 Rating. As per price list 1st July 2022.

Brand Channel Technology Warranty
Signia Digital Hearing Aid 16 Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid 2 Yrs.
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