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Pure Charge & Go 7X RIC

Category :
Hearing Fitting Coverage :
Moderate to Severe

Pure Charge&Go 7X RIC is a latest introduced Receiver In Canal Li-ion Rechargeable digital hearing aid by Signia . It has 48 Channel digital processing with Li-ion Rechargeable cell. Peak Gain upto 130 dBSPL , Fitting Range upto 10- 110 dB. Four types of Receiver variant available (S, M,P & HP) for Pure Charge&Go 7X hearing aid. It covers Mild high frequency hearing loss to Severe hearing loss. MPO (dBSPL) upto 130. Gain upto 75dB. Features includes : YourSound Technology , Dynamic Soundscape Processing , Extended Dynamic Range, Spatial SpeechFocus , Speech and Noise Management , Notched Amplification Therapy , Acoustic & Motion Sensors , OVP TM (Own Voice Processing ) , EchoShield, Extended Bandwidth , HD Music , eWindscreen , Feedback Cancellation , Telecare , IP68 Rating.

Brand Channel Technology Warranty
Signia Digital Hearing Aid 48 Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid 4 Yrs.
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