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Key 4 HP BTE

Category :
Behind The Ear - BTE
Hearing Fitting Coverage :
Moderately Severe to Profound

Resound Key 4 HP BTE is Behind The Ear Digital Hearing Aid manufactured by Resound. Suitable for Moderate to Profound Hearing Loss. It has 12 Channel. Fitting Range 30-110 dB. Features: Natural Directionality2, Impulse Noise Reduction, DFS-Ultra @ with Music Mode , Synchronized Soft Switching, Soft Switching , Multiscope Adaptive Directionality, Adaptive Directionality, Environmental Classifier, DFS Ultra II, Music Mode, Noise Tracker II, Wind Guard, Impulse Noise Reduction, Expansion, Synchronized Acceptance Manager, Low Frequency Boost (Only UP), Tinnitus Sound Generator. FUNCTIONAL FEATURES : Smart Start, Phone Now, Comfort Phone, Direct audio streaming (MFi, Android**, ReSound Wireless Accessory , Compatibility, ReSound Smart 3Dapp. 2 years warranty.

Brand Channel Technology Warranty
ReSound Digital Hearing Aid 12 Digital Computerized Programmable 2 Yrs.
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