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New Active X ITE Rechargeable

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Signia Active X ITE Rechargeable Hearing Aid with earbud design helps ensure “better hearing without the stigma, while its portable rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity enable wearers to remain connected and perform their best all day long.” It has 16 Channels. Fitting Range 10-80 dB. Peak Gain 42 dB/118 dB. Key Features: 4 hours for a full Charge with uo to 26 hours of wear time, 30 min quick charge for an average of 5 hours of wear time, Automatic on/off functionality with charger, Ultra HD e2e, Remote Care Ready. Compatible with StreamLine TV, StreamLine Mic , mini Pocket. Colour available White/Rose Gold, Black/Silver , Black. Signia App Equipped with Signia Face Mask Mode. As per Price list 1st July 2022.

Brand Channel Technology Warranty
Signia Digital Hearing Aid 16 Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid 2 Yrs.
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