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New Pure 312 7AX RIC

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Receiver In Canal - RIC
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Pure 312 7AX RIC is Receiver In The Canal hearing aid sits discreetly and comfortably behind the ears and offer state-of-the-art sound and Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls, music and TV audio. It has 48 Channel. Fitting Range from 85-115 dB. Peak Gain 46-131 dB. Features : Dynamic Soundscape Processing 2.0, Augmented Focus, Acoustic Sensors, e2e wireless 4.0 , motion sensor, OVP (Own Voice Processing), Sound Clarity, Signal processing/ Gain & MPO 48/20 , 6 Hearing Programs, Extended Dynamic Range, Speech and Noise Management, SoundSmoothing, Feedback Cancellation, 3 HD Music, eWindScreen, Extended bandwidth, Echoshield, Binuaral Directionally, Wireless CROS/BiCROS, Frequency Compression, Spatial SpeechFocus, Wearer Interaction, Signia Assistant, Signia App(iOS & Android), Adaptive Streaming Volume, Spatial Configurator, Direct Streaming for iOS, Direct Streaming for Android, Streamline TV Accessory, Streamline Mic Accessory, Tinnitus, Notched Amplification Therapy, Smart Optimizer and Data Logging, Acclimatization Manager, InSituGram , Autofit, Telecare, Remote Services. Warranty for 4 years. As per Price List 1st April 2022.

Brand Channel Technology Warranty
Signia Digital Hearing Aid 48 Digital Computerized Programmable 4 Yrs.
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