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hearing aid kolkata india
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Category :
Receiver In Canal - RIC
Hearing Fitting Coverage :
Moderate to Severe

Brand Channel Technology Warranty
Signia Digital Hearing Aid 32 Digital Computerized Programmable 4 Yrs.
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invisible tiny hearing aid kolkata

l digital Hearing Aid by Signia .l Directionally ... Gain upto 65 dB. Fitting range- 10-110db Remote controlled. Touch Control App for self controlling. Wireless CROS BICROS programming. Optional volume control. Other features include: Non Wireless, Extended Bandwidth, Echo Shield, HD Music, Frequency Compression, eWind Screen (3 steps), Sound Brilliance, Adaptive Streaming Volume, Feedback Cancellation, Speech & Noise Management, Sound Smoothing, Directional Speech Enhancement, Sound Equalizer, Data Logging, Learning, Acclimatization Manager, Tinnitus Noiser. Suitable for Mild to Severe hearing Loss.THIS EAR MACINE AVAILABLE SHYAMBAZAR, TOLLYGUNGE, HOWRAH, KATWA, RAMPURHUT, KRISHNANAGAR ETC