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Motion Charge & Go 1X /P1X /SP 1X BTE

Category :
Behind The Ear - BTE
Hearing Fitting Coverage :
Mild to Profound

Brand Channel Technology Warranty
Signia Digital Hearing Aid 16 Digital Xperience 2 Yrs.
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invisible tiny hearing aid kolkata

Motion Charge & Go 1X BTE is Behind the Ear Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid manufactured by Siemens. It has 16 Channels. Peak Gain upto 60dB. Fitting Range 15-105 dB. Features: Direct Streaming, Made for iPhone , StreamLine TV accessory, Streamline Mic accessory. Tinnitus noise therapy signal, Notched Amplification Therapy, Directionality, Binaural OneMic Directionality, Wireless CROS/BiCROS, Frequency Compression , Signal Processing/Gain & MPO , Hearing Programs, Extended Dynamic range, Speech and Noise Management, Soundsmoothing , Feedback Cancellation, HD Music, eWindScreen.