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Receiver In Canal - RIC
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JUNA 9 PRx is a Channel Free Technology digital Pico RITE Wireless hearing aid by Bernafon. Fitting range upto 100dBHL, suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss.Dual Microphone. Features includes : Speech Cue Priority. Frequency Composition. Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus. ANR Plus Ultra Comfort. Transient Noise Reduction. Adaptive Feedback Canceller Plus. Binaural Synchronization of VC, Program, Mute. Binaural coordination ?Non-Telephone Ear Attenuation. Language Specific Targets. Bandwith 10 KHz. Adaptive Directional.High Frequency Directionality. True Directionality. Wind Noise Monitor. Environment Optimizer. Soft Noise Management. Data Logging. Reverb Reduction. Swiss Engineering. Battery Size 312. VC Learning.iVC. Live Music Program. Cineam Program. Comfort in Airplance. Optional SoundGate Bluetooth accessibility.Optional Remote Control, SoundGate Bluetooth and SoundGate Mic BlueTooth. Telecoil, Auto Telephone Detection.Smart VC. As per price list 15th October 2021.

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