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Muse i2400 RIC

Category :
Receiver In Canal - RIC
Hearing Fitting Coverage :
Mild to Severe

Starkey Muse i2400 RIC Digital Hearing Aid Details with Price. Muse i2400 RIC Receiver In Canal Digital Hearing aids by Starkey. It is so small in size.Fitting Range Upto - 0-110 dBHL. 24 Channels and 24 BandsFeatures:• Discreet design• Variety of colour options available• Easy to adjust• 24 Channel digital processing• Acuity Speech Optimization• Premium Acuity Voice • Premium Acuity • Lifescape Analyzer • Acuity Directionality with Speech ID • Music Adaptation and Music memory • Whistle free feedback cancellation • Speech shift Auto experience manager • MPO Boost • Multiflex tinnitus with 24 bands (All styles) • Tonal and Voice Indicators• Automatic Telephone response• Up to 5 memories • Surface Nano shield (Ip57) SnapFit • In situ Audiometry • Data Log • Speech Mapping • T2-on-Demand WIRELESS FEATURES• 900 Sync wireless platform• Acuity Binaural Imaging • Ear to Ear phone streaming• Synchronized User adjustment• Wireless connectivity using surflink • Stream Boost. As per price list 1st January 2021. Starkey Muse i2400 RIC Hearing Aid available on Konnagar, Uttarapara, Raghunathpur, Katwa 713130, Rampurhat 730224, Habra, Howrah 711101, Basirhat, Arambag ,New Town, Tollygunge , Tala, Shyambazar , Asansol, Tamluk, Kolkata, West Bengal , India.

Brand Channel Technology Warranty
Starkey Digital Hearing Aid 24 Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid 2 Yrs.
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